Hello dear visitor, and welcome here. My name is Simone van Dijk, and I offer doula services in the field of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and post-partum, sexuality and living in connection with nature. I am available to people in and around the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

I’m inspired by a naturemagical view of life: a belief that everything is connected and that the processes of our bodies and souls are parallel to those in nature. That’s why I support cyclical living, having winters and summers, periods of rest and periods of full blooming.

Please contact me for a free intake to decide wether you would want me to support you and if present your partner before or after birth. I also organise dark moon cycles for women, and offer individual coaching sessions. You deserve to take care of yourself, especially when you are a parent!

 If you like, take a look at my webshop to see what I design as well with pen and watercolor.

It would be a pleasure to hear from you!

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Updated: october 2019